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Features Designed for All Windows 8 Devices

    Sit Back & Relax

    Automatically save your document files to an external drive, PC or networked device. With full integration into Windows 8, SlimImage takes the worry out of protecting your stuff. It makes sure that everything gets protected no matter what.

    Incremental Backup

    A slim backup process lets you make incremental snapshots of personal files and documents, like music, video, and photos. Save them to any off-site space, including network shares and homegroup PCs. Keep your files the way you want them.

    As Easy as It Gets

    SlimImage integrates directly with Windows 8 to preserve and safeguard your operating system, applications, documents and files. An intuitive tap-tile interface makes it easy to use on both touchscreens and traditional keyboard-and-mouse systems.

    SlimImage Backup

    By making separate configurations for Windows and for personal files, SlimImage gives you ultimate freedom. Restore Windows to a previous state without affecting a single document. Or restore backed-up files no matter when you made the snapshot.


What it does:

SlimImage is the first software to offer incremental file and document backup as well as operating system and application imaging - all in one free, easy-to-use and touch-friendly platform.

SlimImage combines two invaluable imaging features, each configured independent of the other for maximum flexibility.


  • Automated and Unlimited backup scheduling lets you set it and forget it.
  • Make separate configurations to backup Windows & and Applications while protecting personal files from data-loss.
  • Storage flexibility lets you backup Windows to a a primary drive, external drive or networked storage space.
  • Manage multiple images with name, date, description and backup size.
  • Schedule when and where an automatic backup happens.
  • Protect your disk space by setting number of snapshots to keep, cycling out old ones automatically.
  • Navigate with a modern, Windows 8 Touch-style interface that's easy to use.
  • Small application size means that SlimImage is low-profile: fast download and fast install.
  • All documents & file backups are infinitely accessible so you can re-implement files no matter when they were backed up.
  • Browse through snapshot images and restore files anywhere on the timeline both forward and backward.
  • Enjoy the fact that SlimImage is 100% Free.

    Two Essential Backups in One:
    Windows and Applications: push-button Windows 8 recovery and refresh system, including all system files, program files, and installed software. In the event of a major problem, the OS can be restored with no data loss.

    Only the Windows 8 operating system and your applications are imaged, so only those get refreshed. All your videos, music, personal documents and files remain intact.

    Files and Documents: unlimited incremental backup of personal files and documents, including music, videos, projects and photos. Save browsable backups to an external drive, PC or network drive - out of danger but always on hand.

    Advanced versioning software lets SlimImage create a layered backup profile for all documents and files.

Screenshots SlimImage at Work

  • Home Screenshot


    When you first open SlimImage

  • Home Screenshot


    Backup and restore control panel

  • Document & Files

    Choose to backup or restore personal files

  • Backup Documents & Files

    Select the target disk and click "Backup Now"

  • Customize a Snapshot

    Tell SlimImage which folders to backup

  • Windows & Applications

    Choose to backup or restore a disk image

  • Backup Windows & Applications

    Select the target disk space and click "Backup now"

  • Restore Windows & Applications

    Select the image state to put back

  • Restore documents & files

    Select the backup you want and click "restore"

  • Edit Snapshot Details

    Customize the name details of a snapshot

  • Windows & Applications Options

    Manage your system backup profile

  • File & Documents Options

    Set SlimImage behavior to manage file backups

About Learn about SlimImage

Smarter. Smaller. Simpler.

The New Way to Backup Windows

Back up Automatically

SlimImage coordinates two independent features to safeguard both your Windows operating state and all of your personal documents & files. Make image snapshots of Windows 8 that include all of your installed applications but NOT your files. In the event of restore, Windows can be put back the way it was weeks or years ago.

It can be set to the state of a fresh Windows install and still none of your files will be changed.

At the same time, an incremental backup automatically preserves your personal files. Held on a separate drive that you specify, your files and folders will be preserved in searchable snapshots you can use to re-instate old files or revive previous versions.

Get Back on Track

Reclaim your Weekend

It's a harsh reality: system errors, disk corruption and virus attacks can make it necessary to re-install Windows. Doing a fresh install means you not only lose the programs that you've installed, but all of your music, media, documents and project files that weren't backed up. It can take hours and hours to get everything back to the way it was.

SlimImage is a better way. It takes the two-fold process of protecting your system and does each task independently. Integrated system images provide a way to back up Windows and apps without affecting personal files. And file and document snapshots make automatic freeze-frames of selected directories, preserving your files in a layered backup, so you can restore your documents quickly and easily.

Easy to Configure

Set it and Forget it

SlimImage is easily configured to take snapshots at scheduled intervals. This ensures your operating system is always backed up. Set Windows & Applications images to preserve key instances. Then set Document & file snapshots to auto-backup in real time, incrementally securing your files from unwanted changes.

Protecting your system should be non-invasive. That's why SlimImage automates all of its backup processes. Customize SlimImage to schedule new snapshots while cycling out old ones to conserve disk space. Or schedule unlimited backups, routinely adding new images to your backup profile.

Real-Time Protection

Fix the problem safely

In a split second, your operating system can become corrupted by malware or system errors and your projects put into jeopardy. Thanks to SlimImage, you can restore everything. It's not a heavy-handed reinstall for the OS, but a systematic reset that puts back Windows and applications on your terms.

A small application size makes SlimImage a model in efficiency. A small download and a small install, but it supplies big protection for your computer - not to mention your peace of mind.

Download Easy as 1, 2, 3

When you see a prompt like this one, click "Run." This will install your copy of SlimImage onto your Windows 8 Device.

You can also choose to "Save file". This will save the SlimImage installer onto your computer. After the download is complete, click on the SlimImage icon in the download list & follow the instructions.
  • Run


    When the download prompt appears, click the " Run" button.

  • Follow Instructions

    Installation Screen

    Follow the instructions to begin the install

  • Done!


    wait for the installer to set up SlimImage